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Get Litt Up!!

'lo. I'm Nathalie. I'm 25. FYI, I am full on-hiatusing because life is getting busy and I needed it. My queue, however, will be running until it is empty (hopefully I will be back by then <3)

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Jul 17 '14
"There haven’t been many [episodes], but when the focus is on the six and how they respond to one another, those are the best." (x)
Jul 10 '14

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Jul 2 '14

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Jun 24 '14
Jun 22 '14

Harvey. So that means you’re going to be working late now.

Jun 22 '14

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Jun 21 '14

Mike/Rachel in 4.01

Jun 13 '14

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Mar 29 '14
Mar 28 '14



Donna, Jessica, Mike, Rachel and Harvey. They appreciate me. They’re my family.

You bastards. My favorite.