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'lo. I'm Nathalie. I'm 25. FYI, I am full on-hiatusing because life is getting busy and I needed it. My queue, however, will be running until it is empty (hopefully I will be back by then <3)

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Apr 20 '14

Narcissa appeared to have a fairly affectionate and close relationship with her older sister Bellatrix. The two fondly called each other by their nicknames of “Cissy” and “Bella”. — Bellatrix & Narcissa

Apr 20 '14
and the ghost in Harrenhal.

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Apr 20 '14

Flawless Human Beings » Gina Torres » Gina Torres Alphabet

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Q: What’s an example of a role you had to fight for?
Washington: This one. Ray. Save the Last Dance. She Hate Me. Dead Girl. [It’s always] the ones you want the most.
Torres: All of those, but she got those parts.
Washington: [Laughing] Liar!
Torres: Actually it’s funny, because I don’t know if we’ve really ever been up for the same part. I usually have to fight for the more vulnerable roles. People have a hard time—men have a hard time seeing me as anything other than capable.
Washington: Oh my God, I literally just got that feedback from a casting director. Like it’s a negative thing: “She’s just so capable.”
Torres: Yeah. Sometimes it’s nice, and sometimes you’re like, “I’m not capable every day.”
Washington: Exactly.
Torres: It’s fascinating to me. So those are the things that I tend to fight for, just ‘cause. Just to prove a point. I can defy my size; I can defy this inherent authority that people keep telling me that I have. I want to be small and a hot mess—just a small, hot mess.

Apr 19 '14
Apr 19 '14

#the dream team#actual powerpuff girl foursome#imagine if the show was just these four being bffls#having sleepovers#girls night out where they paint the town#and then on the weekend fight that bad guys and kick ass#while rescuing their boys and saving the day#let me live in my fantasy world ok (lydsmartin)

Apr 19 '14
Apr 19 '14

♛ 500 episode challenge ♛
↳ 77. agents of s.h.i.e.l.d. - 1.15 yes men

Apr 19 '14

Where’s Slade?

Apr 19 '14


→ Tywin shielding Tommen

Apr 19 '14

starksborn asked:

Has anyone been speculating on how Isabel and Slade met? I like to think he just popped up somewhere near her one night all like "I heard you hate the Queen family too u wanna be evil bff's I'll give u a sweet codename"



I don’t care about the speculation, I’m accepting this as canon. 

Walk up in the club like “yo what up I got anger control issues and a revenge plot and I need a lady sidekick that can rock a pant suit”.