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'lo. I'm Nathalie. I'm 26. FYI, I am full on-semi-hiatusing because life is getting busy and I needed it.

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Aug 31 '14
Aug 30 '14

"She’s the urban, hard-edged cynic to Clark’s idealistic, empathic heartland guy. The two of them are a study in contrasts — he’s all heart, masking a keen brain, she’s all brain, masking a warm heart — so they strike sparks and they compete and the challenge one another and they both get to show off their strengths."
Kurt Busiek

Aug 29 '14
Aug 18 '14

Smallville Memories | Erica Durance & Tom Welling:
↳ Welling when talking about the actress is very quick to point out how much he enjoys the onset chemistry between his character of Clark and Erica [Durance] as Lois Lane. “What I particularly enjoy about her character is the side of Clark that she brings out. I love the sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek humor that we’re able to portray in that relationship, and haven’t been able to in the past because of the heavy, dramatic situations that Clark often found himself in with the other characters.”

Aug 13 '14

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Aug 3 '14

A good Superman story fills you with awe. It’s the mythology of a sun god who wished he was a man because he saw something so great in us. It’s the story of a hero who could move whole worlds and see through stars and hear a whisper on the other side of the planet… who fell in love with a storyteller. [x]

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Jul 28 '14

World of Krypton Issue 4
His face. I can’t. 


World of Krypton Issue 4

His face. I can’t. 

Jul 26 '14

Lois Lane’s Rules of Reporting:
↳ “Do you remember when I told you about my three rules? I’ve broken every one of them” (Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman)

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Jul 17 '14


Lois and Clark
The Mad-Dog and the Now let’s think this through calmly routine

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Jul 12 '14

Superman and Lois Lane. Still the gold standard.

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