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'lo. I'm Nathalie. I'm 26. FYI, I am full on-semi-hiatusing because life is getting busy and I needed it.

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Oct 21 '14

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Oct 21 '14
Oct 21 '14


Headcanon that after Cecil and Carlos’s wedding, before the music begins to play for their first dance, Carlos holds out a hand and says, “And now, the weather.”

Oct 21 '14


This only sort of follows the prompt…it follows Thea, so it is about an Arrow woman, and it is about family, but…I was going to do it about Laurel and Sara, but this came more easily.

The Queen family had never been a picture of stability and health. There were so many lies and secrets, so many arguments behind closed walls. And yet they had always managed to keep up the façade of a family that was happy, whole.

Thea had idolized her elder brother for years. He was the one that had held her when she cried, listened to her when she talked. Whenever she was upset at their parents, he was the one to sit with her until she calmed down.

And then the damn boat sank. 

She had known, intellectually, that Ollie was probably dead. Sure, there had been no body found, but how could he have possibly survived? Where could he possibly be? If he was alive, why hadn’t he called? But despite all of these questions, she had refused to let go of the childish belief that her brother was still out there somewhere.

And she had been right.

But the man that had returned was not the one that had left her. More mature in some regards, perhaps, but he wasn’t her brother, wasn’t her Ollie. He, the open, the honest, had come home with lies and secrets just like their parents.

Since Oliver had returned to Starling City, Thea had learned more than she had ever thought she could about her family. It had hurt. The truth hurts, but secrets hurt worse.

Her mother was a murderer.

The man she had called Daddy for her entire life was not her father, and her mother and brother had kept that from her.

Her brother had not been alone on that island and that secret cost their mother her life.

Her mother and brother had sought only to protect her, and Robert Queen had been her father in all the ways that mattered. But the lies were too much.

She had loved her mother and she loved her brother. But their family wasn’t happy, nor healthy. She was an adult and no longer needed to be protected, shielded from the world and the truth. She was old enough to make her own choices, make her own mistakes.

Thea rose from the armchair where she had curled up and walked toward Laurel’s kitchen. She could hear the quiet chatter and the clinking of cutlery.

Laurel looked up as Thea walked in and smiled. She patted the seat next to hers invitingly. “We saved you a seat.”

Thea took a seat and looked at the food on the table. Raising an eyebrow, she asked, “Thai food and tea?”

"Absolutely," Felicity nodded from Laurel’s other side. "Jasmine. This is an alcohol free zone. And Laurel has also decided that pop and other sugary beverages aren’t allowed either. Which is probably a good thing. You know, with our eating habits being what they are."

Laurel laughed, bumping Felicity’s shoulder with her own. “We probably shouldn’t be eating this, either…”

"Shut up, Laurel," Sara said, taking a bite. She grinned at Thea. "We spend our lives fighting crime. We have earned this.”

"So, what do you think Felicity?" Thea asked, leaning across Laurel with a wide grin spreading across her face. "Wanna spar, burn off the calories?"

"Oh, God, no,” Felicity said immediately, shaking her head, eyes widening behind her glasses in a brief panic. “No. I don’t exercise. No. Except for my mouth and fingers. I eat, talk, and type. That’s it.”

Laurel and Sara exchanged a glance, then launched into an attempt at persuading Felicity to join them in a sparring session. While they argued and Felicity complained about being double teamed, Thea watched them, a tiny smile curving the corners of her mouth up.

In the past year, she had discovered that her biological father was Malcolm Merlyn, mass murderer. Her mother had been killed. Her relationship with Oliver had been damaged so much that it could never be the same again.

But it was all right.

It was okay, because she had found a new family. She had Laurel and Sara and Felicity. She had chosen them and they had chosen her.

They were all so broken in their own unique way, but now they had each other. And since they had each other, they could find their strength.

Oct 20 '14


Amazing Illustrations by Marc Scheff

Oct 20 '14

charmed appreciation week:  favourite character → piper halliwell

i am a good person, i am a good witch and damn it i would’ve made a great wife. and how dare you take that from me. i deserve… no, you know what? i demand that you send him back to me. you hear me? right now. i am going to stand in this very spot until you send leo back to me. 

Oct 20 '14

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Oct 20 '14

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Oct 20 '14
"We are not going to be at each other’s throats, and I’m really thrilled about that. The last thing we need is women on TV hating each other. Felicity is such a beloved character and I think in the comic books Iris is such a beloved character, and I’m very protective about that on our show. I want Iris to continue to be a lovable character. It only makes sense to me that when Iris and Felicity meet, there’s nothing but kindness."
Candice Patton talking about the relationship between Iris and Felicity [X] (via truthinourhearts)
Oct 20 '14

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